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UV-lamp Stationary Desk Lamp

UV-lamp Stationary Desk Lamp
UV-lamp Stationary Desk Lamp
UV-lamp Stationary Desk Lamp
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Article code31001
  • Lamp complies to  ASTM E1417, ASTM 1444 and EN ISO 3059
  • Low weight. Less than 700 grams
  • White led, switchable from white to UV
  • More than 45W/m2 on 40cm distance,
  • Lock-function, voor continuous on, UV or white
Stationary UV Desk lamp  
acc. EN ISO 3059
Technical specifications  S-UV  and GKN-11      UV-LED-Lamp
UVA At 40 cm
13 cm Ø
Wavelenght peak
365 nm +/- 5 nm
White light part of UVA
< 20 Lux
Working temperature
5°C-35°C (<50% R.H.)
Storage temperature
-10°C-50°C (0-80% R.H.)
230V / 50Hz
Protection class
IP 53

Technical changes reserved, all values +/- 15%
Operating Instructions
This UV-Lamp is tested and valued as a Risk class II according to EM6.
Following measures should be taken.


The use of safety goggles is strongly recommended
-        working area only for qualified personnel.
-        Use of skin-covering outfit and non-UV-transmitting safety gloves.

Technical protection                                                                                    
Please position the UV Lamp below eye level to prevent direct contact in eyesight.

  • The lamp must have a warning shield for UV- /dangerous optical radiation and mention the risk class according EM6.   ---.
  • The work area must have a sign „forbidden for unauthorized personnel”, a warning for “dangerous optical radiation and a shield “beware full UV-radiation”--

  • Unlock the lock button of the lamp (6)
  • Select the desired mode on the back, UV or White light  (4).
  • With UV light use, never point the lamp at people, never look into the UV-LEDS
  • Press the On/Off Trigger switch inward (2) and hold it in position to turn the unit ‘ON’. Release the trigger switch (2) to turn the unit ‘OFF’.
  • While holding the trigger Switch in the “ON” position, you can push the safety lock button upward to lock the unit in continuous lightning
  • In UV mode the battery-low indicator LED (3)  lights red when the battery is almost empty. After a short time the UV-LEDS will be switched off completely.