The Circ-it is a manual small diameter scanner.

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The Circ-it is a manual small diameter scanner. It is designed to provide encoded position of probes circumferentially around piping and tubing. Due to the ultra low profile design the Circ-it scanner can operate in an 11mm (0.433in) radial clearance envelope. The Circ-it is completely configurable for both dual and single probe scanning applications.
  • Low Profile Design: The Circ-it maintains a radial clearance of 11 mm (0.433 in) which allows for inspection in limited access applications.
  • Urethane Wheels: Durable urethane wheels provide smooth rolling and adequate traction in vertical scanning applications.
  • Cable Management: The Circ-it scanner features a cable management system for irrigation lines and probe cables.
  • Quick Change Links: Links provide infinite adjustment for pipes or tubes to be scanned between 21.4 mm (0.84 in) and 114.3 mm (4.50 in).
  • Scanner Diameter Range: 21.4 mm (0.84 in) – 114.3 mm (4.5 in).
  • Scanner Clearance: Minimum radial clearance = 11 mm (0.433 in).
  • Scanner Width: Single sided scanner width = 50 mm (1.980 in).
  • Encoder: RS422 line driver, compatible with all standard encoder inputs.
  • Encoder Resolution: 31.30 counts/mm (795.0 counts/inch)

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