KAWEL001 KIT Weld, Probes + Accessoires

Each To fit WeldCheck/AeroCheck//ETi

KAWEL001 KIT Weld, Probes + Accessoires
1,595.00 *Prices are exclusive of VAT
Article code80005
This set includes the following items:

PWM100S000 Probe, Weld, Dia 16.00mm (Medium)
100kHz, Straight, Disconnect

PUB100K Probe, Unshielded, Broad Band,
100k  (35kHz-250kHz), BNC (also for layer thickness measurement)

ATBW Accessory. Test Block, Weld Probe,
Ferrous (Steel EN1A) + x4 0.5mm Shims, 0.5,

1.0, 2.0mm slots Calibration Cost - POA

ALL12-L04-015B Accessory, Lead, Lemo 12-Way –
Lemo 4-Way,  1.5m (Bridge)

ALLCX-B02-015A Accessory, Lead. Lemo 00 to BNC, 1.5m (Vantage/ETi/WeldCheck/AeroCheck)

AW003 Accessory, Butterfly PTFE Tape (Pack of 30)

AC002 Accessory, Deluxe Probe Case PHDC1