AP-65 light weight yoke

AP-65 light weight yoke
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Permanent magnet AP 65
Permanent yokes with boron-iron-neodymium non-dischargeable poles.
150mm long poles connected by a 350mm long metal wire cable / 40mm diameter poles.
Supplied with a transport case.
Lifting power > 40 kgs. Aluminium and resin body.

Complies to
       - ASTM 1444-05
       - ASME (7/2010) section V,SE 709 Art. 25, Par 20.3.6
       - ASME (7/2010) section V,SE 709 Art. 7, Par T762

This yoke with permanent magnets is a fine example of an effective inspection tool.
It is lightweight. Poles can be more or less fixed by screw.