PP-110 Power Pack

PP-110 Power Pack
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Power Pack for yoke inspections.
Output voltage: 110V.
The NDT portable battery pack.

De Power Pack is developed as an alternative power source for electromagnetic yoke and is intended for magnetic inspection with electromagnetic yokes working on 110V (PP-110), 230V (PP-230) or 48V (PP-48). Output is AC, comparable to conventional AC mains operation.  
For the PP-110 the output is a true sinewave.
For the PP-230 and PP-48 the output is a modified sinewave.
All Power Packs are only tested and recommended to be used with the MY-2 yokes.
c/w charger

Optional: shoulder strap

Technical specifications PP-48, PP-110 and PP-230 Power Packs

Working temperature                5°C-35°C        (< 50% R.H.)
Storage temperature                -10°C-45°C        (0-80% R.H.)

Output                                PP-48        42-48VAC modified sine wave, max 7A
                               PP-110        110VAC pure sine wave, max  5A
                               PP-230        230V modified sine wave, max. 3.7A

Intended use                        Electromagnet in maximum 25% duty cycle with 25 sec
                       continuous operation.

Power                                12.6V or 48V  LiFePo battery
                               ca. 1 to 2 day use
                               Long life : Upto 2000x recharge!!!
                               Use depends on type of Electromagnet and intensity.

Low battery indicator                Power Pack beeps when battery is almost empty.

Dimensions                        31x12x25 cm (LxWxH)

Weight (approximately)                PP-48        4,0 Kg
                               PP-110        4,2 Kg
                               PP-230        4,2 Kg

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