UV & White Light & Tangential Field Strenght Meter

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LumaFlux Combined Dual UV & White Light and
Tangential Field Strength Meter
• Two instruments in one saving on purchase cost.
• Reduced calibration costs.
• Excellent accuracy in all measurement modes.
• Lightweight, compact, housed in a rugged enclosure.
• Battery powered.
• Ergonomically designed, protective rubber boot.
• Full colour programmable display.
• Programmable calibration reminder.
• Separate probes and cable for convenience, lower
 spares and maintenance costs.

Baugh & Weedon is pleased to present the
LumaFlux, a truly Innovative NDT Product. The
LumaFlux is a combined Dual UV / White Light
Meter and Tangential Field Strength Meter in one
rugged Instrumentation package.
With an easy “Swap & Go” system to change
Sensors, the LumaFlux rapidly switches between
all the established functions of the LumaCheck
Dual UV & White Light Meter and the unique
benefits of the MagnaCheck 3D Tangential Field
Strength Meter. The LumaFlux automatically
recognises the Sensor that is connected meaning
that the unit operates in the selected mode until
the sensors are swapped.
The good news is that the LumaFlux has the
same robust enclosure and sensors as the two
predecessor products and, of course, all the
same benefits in measurement accuracy and
efficiency. However, the LumaFlux is available
at a price that is approximately 15% less than
purchasing two separate meters. Not only is
there a saving in capital cost, but the calibration
costs for the LumaFlux will also typically prove
to be significantly cheaper than calibrating two
separate meters.

The LumaFlux Kit includes:
- LumaFlux Instrument,
- Dual UV & White Light Sensor,
- 3D Tangential Field Strength Probe,
- Probe Lead,
- Metal Null Pot
- Quality carry case
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