Sonagel-D1 powder couplant

1 litre, mixes to 20 liter

Sonagel-D1 powder couplant
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Sonagel D1 is a bright yellow fine powder that when mixed with water, forms a stable clear yellow gel specifically designed for ultrasonic inspection.

Sonagel D1 Overview

This product is designed for use on all types of metallic surface and is especially suited to rough, pitted, uneven surfaces allowing smooth probe movement during testing. The thixotropic properties of this couplant give excellent wetting and acoustic transmission and do not allow the product to flow all over the test area. This makes it very economical to use as you only cover the working area and not the whole piece, and is especially suitable for vertical and overhead surfaces.
Sonagel D1 is used at a concentratin of 50 grams per litre of water, but a thinner gel can be obtained by reducing the powder content to a minimum of 10 grams per litre. Sonagel D1 incorporates corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents and is free of VOCs and other hazardous materials.
This product is specifically desgined for "on site" spot tests where it is impractical to cary or deliver ready to use couplant in bulk.