Sonagel-LTHT High Temp Couplant

Each 1-litre Tub

Sonagel-LTHT High Temp Couplant
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Sonagel LTHT is a thick translucent couplant paste specifically designed for ultrasonic inspection at temperatures up to 250°C and is non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Sonagel LTHT Overview

This product is designed for use on all types of metallic surface and allows smooth probe movement during testing, at elevated temperatures. This gives good probe contact and acoustic transmission and prevents flow over the test area. It is very economical to use as you only cover the working area and not the whole piece.
Sonagel LTHT incorporates chemicals, which do not dry out at elevated temperatures, whilst being free of VOC’s and other hazardous materials. The couplant is easily removed with solvents such as Alcohol, Acetone or Hydrocarbon distillates.
Hazardous decomposition does not occur at elevated temperatures, the product will start to liquify as temperatures increase up to 300°C. Sonagel LTHT is available in easy to use plastic 1 litre containers.