Sonatest Sitescan D-50

Sitescan D-50

Sonatest Sitescan D-50
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Sitescan specifications:
Test Range
0-5mm(0.25in)up to 0-10,000mm (400 in.) in steel at 5930m/s (19455f/s)
1000 - 10,000 m/s continuously variable.
Probe Zero 
0 to 999.999 µs.
0-10,000m (400in) in steel at 5930m/s (19455f/s)
0 to 110dB adjustable in 0.5, 1, 2, 6,10, 14 and 20dB steps.  
Test Modes  
Pulse echo and transmit/receive. 
200V fixed.  50nS square wave.  Rise/Fall times <5nS into 50R load.
50 and 400 Ohm damping selectable.
Active Edge TM
Unique Active Edge Mode for improved near-surface resolution.
Adjustable 5Hz to 1kHz. External sync also available.
Screen Update Rate 
RF, Full wave, +ve half-wave and -ve half-wave.
Frequency Range
1.0MHz to 14MHz
System Linearity
Vertical = 0.5% Full Screen Height (FSH). Horizontal +-0.2% Trace Full Screen Width (FSW).
Automatic Gain Control automatically sets the signal in Gate 1 to a level between 10% and 90% FSH, tolerance between 5% and 20%.

Measurement Modes

Mode 1
Signal monitor, Gate alarms can be active but no measurements are displayed.
Mode 2
Depth and amplitude of first signal in gate.
Mode 3
Echo-Echo distance measurements.
Mode 4
Trigonometric display of beam-path, surface distance (including X-offset) and depth of indication from the inspection surface together with echo amplitude.  Curved surface correction canbe applied for convex and concave surfaces. Half-skip can be indicated on screen.
Mode 5
Gate to Gate distance measurement
Mode 6
Flank to Flank
Mode 7
Beam Angle, calculated from beampath, hole radius and hole centre depth.

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