Bucket submersion heater

Each Submersion heater for quickly and safety heat up of liquid

Bucket submersion heater
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Article code55993
Submersion heater for quickly heat up of liquid. The element is brass nickel plated in spiral shape. Equipped with overheating protection with manual reset into the handle, so after any overheating the element just has to be resetted and then can be used again. This unlike many other "cheaper" immersion heaters.
Technical specification:

- Power: 2000W
- Voltage: 230V
- Insert length: 400mm
- Total length: 550mm
- Min. immersion: 220mm
- Spiral Diameter: Ø55mm
- Element: nickel-plated brass
- House Wiring: Red plastic handle IPX7
- Temperature protection: thermostat with manual reset in handle
- Connection: 2000mm gray cable fitted with plug
- Approval: VDE / GS / FS / CE