NDT equipment, repair and calibration.

OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile

Designed for mobile use in the processing of industry-films.

OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile
OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile
OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile
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OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile is a modified version of the OPTIMAX 2010 NDT, especially ruggedized for mobile use, such as installations in trucks or mini vans. Particular attention was paid to easy and quick handling in such environments, as well as minimal preparation time in daily on site use.

Filling or draining of the OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile takes only 2 minutes. This is ensured by separate pumps for developer and fixer as well as external chemical containers for replenishment, working chemicals from the processor and overflow of used chemicals (pumps and containers are included in standard delivery).

By collecting the working chemicals in external containers while driving, the filling time for the processor is reduced. Additionally the warm up cycle is greatly shortened, if the chemicals are still warmed. Due to this intelligent setup both, preparation time, as much as 30 minutes at the next site and money can be saved.
During longer breaks the processor tanks can automatically be rinsed with water. This minimizes oxidation as well as crystallization of chemicals on rollers and inside the tanks.

The tray (included in standard delivery) for external chemical containers and the base table (optional accessory) are fixed to the vehicle floor. The containers themselves are fixed inside the tray with tension belts (included in standard delivery). The separate pumps can also be fixed on the floor. Thus the complete equipment is secured while driving.

Naturally the OPTIMAX 2010 NDT mobile can be used without base table provided there is a countertop inside the vehicle on which the processor can be fixed. Configuration can be customized to fit the intended purpose.